Manufacturing and supply of plastic pipes PP, PVC, PE for water and sewerage . Full complex of fittings, shutoff valves and piping.

The main activity of our company is construction grade plastic pipes, fashion parts and pipefittings. We as a manufacturer of these products offer the best prices, short delivery times and guarantee the quality of goods.

Corrugated pipe POLYCORR®for outdoor seweragetrubi home

Double-layer polypropylene pipes grade B - PP (PP -B) nominal diameter from 200mm to 800mm, ring stiffness SN4, SN8, SN16 produced by the manufacturer Brovary - Plastic Ltd according to DSTU B.V.2.5 -32 : 2007 are intended for pipelines, transporting wastewater in depressurized mode, which is non-aggressive towards the pipe material...more

What kind of pipe to choose well?


Today, for the construction of water wells increasingly filters-for-voditelnitsa polymeric tubing made of polyvinylchloride, polyethylene or polypropylene. However, with all the wealth of the modern market, not everyone knows that it polypropylene able to receive the laurels of victory in the competition with the two previous materials wells. In this article we will tell You in detail about all the advantages of polypropylene and discuss why PVC pipes adversely affect Your health, and PVC since the early 1990-ies is strictly prohibited in Europe...more

Valving BIMEX


Analyzing the quality of valves for water utilities market of Ukraine, we came to the conclusion that to some extent competition in the sector of high quality goods valves disappears, causing an unfair increase in the prices of commodities by well known foreign manufacturers.

We offer for your consideration a proposal for products offered by BIMEX.


We assure you that our employees have studied the production technology at the firm BIMEX ( Portugal) and we are assured - the quality of these products is one of the best. Valves with polythene weld for the pipe have received wide use in Europe, which is one of the ways of simplifying the installation work....more


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