Pressure pipes made of polyethylene PE - 100

PE pipes are manufactured from polyethylene by drawing more than 930 kg/m3 density with the addition of antioxidants, stabilizers, pigments necessary for the production of pipes with certain mechanical properties and weld ability. The base material is PE-HD PE 100 class. Certificates polyethylene supplier confirms quality. High quality raw materials and production technology at the global level, as well as the possibility of control and analytical tests allow producing pipes of the highest quality, in accordance with the requirements of international standards. Polyethylene pipes PE intended to convey drinking water, liquid process of working fluids, sewage, and are also used as a protective tube. Therefore, the use of heterogeneous polyethylene pipes due to their excellent physical and mechanical properties and resistance to various aggressive working bodies. This makes polyethylene pipe completely physiologically neutral and not harmful to the environment.

Advantages of PE pipes

This system is characterized by:

  • DSCN810fine mechanical strength;
  • high impact ( PE pipes do not burst from the impact, even at low temperatures down to -80oC);
  • very good elasticity;
  • The possibility of clamping pipes and cut off flow of working fluids during repair work;
  • smooth inner surface, reducing the resistance to flow;
  • low weight;
  • simple and fast link connection;
  • resistant to corrosive factors contained in the soil;
  • resistant to stray currents;
  • physiological neutrality - plastic, non-polluting.

Pipes are produced from high-density polyethylene HDPE high density grade PE 100. Nominal diameter range is set from 25 mm to 500 mm when the main operating pressures of 20 , 16, 12.5 , 10, 8 , 6, 4 atm. Color is black pipe with blue marker bands. Pipes are available in straight diameter from 110mm to 500mm with fixed length 12m. Specification consumer plant produces pipe sections any other length. Products less than 110mm in diameter produced in coils and coils in length from 50m to 200m. Brovary - Plastic Ltd offers a full range of parts segment and connective cast butt welding fittings for thermostat welding and Compression (lock) fittings.


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