about us1Enterprise Brovary - Plastic Ltd was established in early 2001. In the beginning of its activity, the company was the dealer of products made abroad and locally.

Studying market demand and an assortment of plastic pipes, given that plastic pipes are cheaper and more durable, non-corrosive, and in this attract the consumer, enterprise management has decided to establish production of plastic pipes.

In 2005, the company bought the first production line of polyethylene pipes Ø 160-500 mm for water and because of the need for smaller-diameter pipes in 2007 it bought a second extrusion line and produced first pipe of diameter Ø 25-125mm ,which allowed for expansion of the range of polyethylene pipes.

The company participates in the fourth International Specialized Exhibition CommunTech 2006, in the seventh International Water Forum AQUA 2006 and visited many other exhibitions and forums where it adequately represented its products.

about us2The company is working on expanding the range of products. Expanding the range of products is provided by the company through the acquisition in 2008 of a new extrusion line for the manufacture of corrugated pipe with double wall with a diameter of 200 to 800 mm for external sewage system, which let the company offer the market another type of high-quality and competitive products.

The idea to produce the casing came after studying the drilling market. In year 2009 the extrusion line was acquired and another type of product was mastered - casing polypropylene pipes for construction of water wells.

Serial production of all items was preceded by a full range of tests of experimental batches of tubes, which were conducted in the laboratory of the Institute of Electric Welding E.O. Paton National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, with whom we cooperate starting January 2006.

The enterprise in 2009 established a research lab equipped with modern certified testing equipment, which performs incoming inspection of raw materials, and required receiving and periodic testing of new products.

about us3The company has a strong regulatory framework. There is an active Quality Management System ISO 9001 : 2009 starting 2010 in Brovary - Plastic Ltd. The pipes are certified. The company has all the necessary certificates of quality and compliance as well as the results of examinations, which confirm the high level of the pipes.

There is much attention paid to the legal protection of intellectual property of the company. In 2013, a tremendous workload was accomplished for the trademark registration - POLYCORR®, which is one of the marketing tools that contributes to the forming of a positive image of Brovary - Plastic Ltd as a producer of goods and services.

Strategy to promote products of Brovary - Plastic Ltd on the market today is aimed at both Ukrainian and CIS customers (Russia, Belarus and Moldova).

In 2011, work was carried out in Russian Federation certification pipes for cold water supply in drinking water supply of polypropylene pipes and two-layer corrugated flare for outdoor sewerage network construction and sanitation of buildings and structures, the Certificate of Compliance, Certificate of State Registration in the Russian Federation and permission to manufacture, sell and use in the territory of the Customs Union.

The company holds a strong position in the pipe market, supplying its products to the CIS countries.

about us4 Products are not only represented in Ukrainian exhibitions and forums but at international exhibitions City Build 2012, Moldova, BELKOMMUNTECH 2013, Belarus as well.

Besides its own production company provides a full complete set of utilities for other manufacturer's products , PVC pipe and any connection details; stopping armature. This allows for opportunities of the enterprise to develop internal and external network.



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