Advantages and disadvantages of PE, PP and PVC

Polyethylene (PE) is a popular, environmentally safe material for water pipes of different diameters, but the low ring stiffness makes it undesirable to use large-diameter wells. To maintain circumferential stiffness after 100 mm diameter it is required to increase wall thickness, and hence weight gain and reduction of the pipe's inside diameter. Another disadvantage of PE pipes is their high cost, which is why manufacturers are forced to economize by using secondary raw materials for manufacturing, which in turn makes us second guess the final result.

Another material for the casing is polyvinyl chloride PVCtruba pnd obsadDenmark, Norway, Germany and the UK followed them, introducing stringent restrictions on the use of PVC materials. However, what caused such drastic actions? Researchers concluded that PVC starts to produce carcinogen vinyl chloride over time, which in simple terms means a neurotropic poison. Experiments have proven that the vinyl chloride flows into the consistence it is in contact with, such as water, after drinking which it may cause cancer, liver disease, brain tumor and lung dysfunction of the reproductive organs . In addition, to increase the resistance to heat during processing of PVC, lead and cadmium are administered as stabilizers, which also have a negative impact on health.

ребенок со стаканомUnfortunately, most people do not know the subtleties of such chemicals. There are cases in which drillers use orange sewers, even though by all standards (DSTU , GOST, TU , DIN, EN) they should be blue, dark blue or black with a blue stripe. There must always be a label of the manufacturer name and the materials used.

In turn, the casing of polypropylene (PP) are environmentally friendly and completely safe, even at temperatures above 100C . Pipes made of (PP) block copolymers have high rigidity ring, are not destroyed by chemicals, do not cause allergy, do not absorb odors and may serve forever! Due to high quality raw materials, the cost of polypropylene casing is the highest, but it is no secret that water is vital to all of us and overall health depends on its quality.

So is it worthwhile to cut down on your own wellness?.. You decide.

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