Corrugated pipe POLYCORR for outdoor sewerage


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Double-layer polypropylene pipes grade B - PP (PP -B) nominal diameter from 200mm to 800mm, ring stiffness SN4, SN8, SN16 produced by the manufacturer Brovary - Plastic Ltd according to DSTU B.V.2.5 -32 : 2007 are intended for pipelines, transporting wastewater in depressurized mode, which is non-aggressive towards the pipe material.

Application of pipes POLYCORR

Area Code application UD, for products intended for underground laying of sewerage without limitation distances from houses and buildings, as well as buildings and constructions. Pipes can also be used in hydro- reclamation construction, agriculture, environmental protection, drainage systems, as well as any kind of cable protection systems in communications and energy.

Advantages of polypropylene pipes

  • Significant decrease of weight not only in comparison with concrete, ceramic pipes, but also to pipes of PVC, hard PE ( PE-HD ) and solid PP.
  • The cost of raw materials is about 75 % of the total cost of making the pipe. Thanks to the low specific gravity, PP pipes with wall corrugation may be the cheapest among all the systems of plastic sewer pipes.
  • Due to the high chemical resistance of polypropylene pipes are not only suitable for water supply, pumping domestic sewage and storm water, but can also be used in production systems and chemically contaminated soil.
  • Unlike concrete pipes, through smooth, flat surfaces, inside the tubes there are no favorable conditions for the development of micro-organisms and bacteria. Decomposition of waste due to the action of bacteria in the absence of oxygen generally causes formation of a strong acidic environment, whereby the surface of the corroded concrete pipe . PP pipe is resistant to this process.
  • Pipes PP have the highest abrasion resistance of materials used for the production of sewer pipes. This allows the construction of channels with a steep slope, as well as transporting fluids heavily polluted silt and sand.
  • Due to the high heat-resistance material transported fluid may have a temperature of 60 ° C under continuous flow, as well as 95 ° C for short periods throughout.
  • PP pipes have high impact resistance, also at low temperatures, in view of which can be applied at a temperature of -20 ° C. No other plastic pipes cannot be used in such a wide temperature range.

Installation of pipes

Corrugation pipes are connected by using special pad sockets in the last groove funnels end. Pipes are supplied with these gaskets. To lay pipes POLYCORR no special skill is required. It is enough to instruct the workers. No special tools, or any additional materials are needed. Everything you need comes with the pipe. Design Features allow us to reduce the risk to minimum installation errors. The installation speed of pipelines is not normalized by the number of joints per shift or extent of your mounted sections. It is limited only by the speed of excavation.


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