proizwodstwo1Brovary - Plastic Ltd nowadays - is a company with four modern extrusion lines , total annual capacity of more than 7 tons of raw materials. PE pipes for cold water supply are made in two extrusion lines with annual capacity 3000 tons/year in accordance with the requirements of DSTU B. V. 2.7- 151 : 2008.

Pipes are manufactured in diameters ranging from 20-500 mm in standard lengths of 6 meters, in coils, with a working pressure of 6-16 MPa and a standard dimensional ratio of SDR 11-26.

For the production of high-quality polyethylene pipes, world leading brand PE 100 polyethylene company is chosen, which is more durable in comparison with other brands of PE, which allows for large-diameter pipes.

proizwodstwo2Polypropylene pipes with no pressure, corrugated outside and smooth on the inside are made of polypropylene block copolymer on extrusion line with an annual capacity of 2500 tons/year , according to DSTU B.V.2.5 -32 : 2007.

proizwodstwo3PP Pipe is obtained by co-extrusion method. Due to the geometrical shape of the profile wall, corrugated pipes are resistant to external weight. Pipes with double wall under the trademark POLYCORR is produced with high durability characteristics - ring stiffness SN4, SN8 and in agreement with the customer SN16, which makes it possible to produce an underground pipe laying at different depths.

For the production of pipes, polypropylene was selected because it is a practical and convenient for use material in modern conditions. Comparing with other plastic PP is the most acceptable pricewise and property wise. It does not emit toxic substances at high temperatures; during work with water, it does not emit toxins. The most important property of polypropylene is a high shock value resistance. It has high thermal stability, with short-term exposure to temperatures up to 95 ° C.

Polypropylene pipes are not subject to corrosive effect. Polypropylene tubes are designed for long term use - not less than 50 years. Each production unit is equipped with sealing rings. Pipes are easy to install and are linked by standard fittings. Fittings also allow interconnect polypropylene pipes of different diameters.

proizwodstwo4The company began the manufacture of new type of product - pipe for wells of block copolymer of propylene for building of water wells. Extrusion line allows production of pipes with a nominal diameter of 98- 315mm. Pipes are manufactured by continuous extrusion with subsequent mechanical slicing of external and internal threads at their ends. Factory Specifications (TU UV.2.5 - 25.2 - 31648195 -001 : 2010 ) are developed, in accordance with which the incoming inspection of raw materials is performed, as well as receiving and acceptance of periodic testing of casing.

The company has a certified measurement laboratory (Certificate of Attestation № 70A -51- 12).proizwodstwo5The laboratory is equipped with modern testing appliances, which allow for testing at all stages of production, from the control point, the thermal stability of incoming raw materials and the last control on the stage of packing and loading of finished products, according to the standards.

Strategic decision by Brovary - Plastic Ltd is a management decision on the introduction of the quality management system (popping ). Certificate for popping № UA.2.166- 07999 -13 confirms that the quality management system successfully operates in the Brovary - Plastic Ltd in accordance with the applicable regulations in Ukraine and meets the requirements of DSTU ISO 9001:2008.


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